You've got good timing. Next is currently open for applications!

We’re currently accepting applications for our cohort starting September 12th, which will run through the first week of November. Applications are due by August 31st - get yours in today!
We’ve included the timeline below for more detail.

Key dates to remember

July 1

Invite-only application period; 4 applications will be accepted from this pool for Cohort 2

July 13

Last day to apply in the invite-only period & general application period opens, any application received after this date will be considered for Cohort 3.

July 26

Decisions sent to invite-only applicants & any application that isn’t accepted here will be considered for Cohort 3, free of cost.

August 15

Start day for Cohort 2.

August 31

This is the last day to apply for Cohort 3. We will accept 5-15 projects for Cohort 3 based on application quality & volume.

September 5

Decisions will be sent out for Cohort 3.

September 12

Start day for Cohort 3.

October 3-7

Final week for Cohort 2; launch and Decision Day.

November 1-7

Final week for Cohort 3; launch and Decision Day.