We take ideas from back of the napkin to live experiment in just 8 weeks.

With a unique method that actually works

  • We’ve tested 15+ ideas in less than 20 months
  • Across 4 continents & numerous verticals
  • Without paying third party developers, designers or contractors
  • Leading to quick decisions, profitable side projects and award-winning venture backed companies
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And a community of badass advisors.

50 of the world’s best designers, developers, data scientists, artists, marketers, attorneys, videographers, finance gurus & restaurateurs.

Who have started, built & helped grow:

They do a lot more than mentor.

They design mockups, write code, look at data, make intros, edit video, do legal research & offer up their restaurants for our projects.

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In a program designed for quick & decisive results

  • 8 weeks from kickoff to exit
  • Where you’ll design & ship 2+ experiments with sector experts
  • And launch a minimally valuable product with technical specialists
  • To better understand your customer, their problem(s) & potential solutions
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Leading up to Decision Day

Where you present your idea, what you shipped/learned & what’s next.

To an audience of advisors, VCs, later-stage accelerators & potential team-members.

Receive testimonials from your project advisors that you can use for investor pitches, resumes or future job applications.

And leave with a beautifully packaged summary of your experiment & learnings.

Including a sleek highlight reel.

After Decision Day, we keep a 5-10% stake in projects that evolve into companies to ensure that your advisors remain helpful as your company grows.

The best part?

You don’t need to quit your job to join.

Stop waiting. Your time is now.

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