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Nextt differs from other accelerators in three primary ways: stage, value-add & scope.

Stage: Unlike most accelerators, we help people test big ideas before they leave their job or ask investors for money. We're the place you'd come before you go to a Y-Combinator or Techstars (where Ajay has mentored in the past); we're kind of a pre-accelerator in that sense.

Value-add: Also unlike other accelerators, we’re focused on helping you build & test stuff.

Our entire program is devoted to helping aspiring entrepreneurs 1) identify their target customer profile & his/her most pressing needs 2) build an initial product/prototype they can be proud of and 3) get that product into the hands of early adopters.

Our advisors aren't CEOs and investors; they're designers, developers, data scientists, videographers, etc. who have helped start & grow companies like

Snapchat, FourSquare, VICE, Meatball Shop & SPiN.

They do a lot more than mentor - they write code, design mocks & generally do whatever it takes to get our experiments/projects live.

The only cash cost is $100 application fee (including the time put into the MVP & sleek highlight reel every project gets), and we ask for 5-10% of equity if/when your project evolves into a company, half of which goes to the advisors who helped.

Scope: Unlike much of the startup ecosystem, we seek & do more than tech/software. We've recruited advisors and built a program that can work for media/content, hospitality/culture & consumer products. Also, our advisors are located across continents & our entire program can be administered digitally, so we’re not restricted by geography. We want to work with ideas from all over the world & already have.
Nextt helps refine your big idea into a six week experiment that determines whether your idea is worth pursuing & how to turn it into a successful business. Over our six week program, we help you:

  • Identify your target customer profile & their most pressing needs.

  • Build an initial product/prototype you can be proud of --- with the help of our advisor community & agency in residence. These are stars in engineering, media, & design who roll up their sleeves and write code, design mockups & more.

  • Get that product into the hands of your early adopters & give you a sleek highlight reel you can use for marketing & future pitches.

Above all else, we want you to leave our program with clarity on what’s next(t).

  • If it’s time to raise money & go full time, we can intro you to investors and/or conventional startup accelerators.

  • If it’s more experimentation, you’ll have a prototype, learnings and highlight reel you can use to recruit help, users & attention.

  • If it’s time to put this idea aside or move onto another one, you’ll leave with finely tuned set of skills and testimonials from an amazing set of advisors.

Nextt advisors are a community of 50+ experienced designers, developers, data scientists, videographers, artists, attorneys, restaurateurs & finance gurus. They’ve started, built & helped grow companies/brands like Snapchat, FourSquare, The Voice, Bonobos, WeWork, Meatball Shop, SPiN, Huge, Inventure, Grovo & Das Racist. And they do a lot more than mentor. They write code, design mocks & generally do whatever is required to help our projects get off the ground.

You can get to know the advisors better here. And we’ll be releasing some more goodies featuring them soon.
Unlike most accelerators, we’re not just looking for software/mobile app companies or future unicorns. Software & mobile apps technology products are our bread & butter, but we’re equally excited to work on ideas in media, consumer products, hospitality/culture & more.
We accepted four projects into our first (private) cohort this spring. You can view their highlight reels & products here.

Red Antler’s already won its first ten customers and has received an offer to join an upstream accelerator that invests up to $170K. Bleuberry recently launched on ProductHunt, received over 250 upvotes & is already seeing strong retention & submissions from the community.

You can learn more about our trackrecord prior to Nextt here.
We ask for a 10% stake in projects that are truly back of the napkin when they start with us (e.g. no product or anyone full-time). We go down to 5% for projects that are further along (e.g. already have a product/users or generate revenue). In all cases, 1/2 of the equity we receive is held for the benefit of the advisors who worked on your project to reward them for their contributions & ensure they remain helpful as you grow. And our equity only kicks in once you, the founder, choose to take the step to incorporate & formalize your project into a business.
Sure! If you think your idea could benefit from our methodology, program & community, we’d love to learn more.
We graduated four projects in our pilot cohort (Spring 2016). We recently took on another four for our August cohort and expect to accept between 5-15 for our September cohort depending on application volume & quality.
We expect to take on new projects roughly five times per year. We’re currently accepting applications for our cohort starting September 12th, which will run through the first week of November. Applications are due by August 31st - get yours in today!

Check out our timeline page for more information on upcoming cohorts.
The Nextt program lasts 6-8 weeks. We believe that resource (including) time constraints are key to any effective experimentation process so we stick tightly to our program. You can learn more about it here.
We’re currently accepting applications for our cohort starting September 12th, which will run through the first week of November. Applications are due by August 31st - get yours in today!

Check out our timeline page for more information on upcoming cohorts & our program page for more information on the steps involved in the Nextt methodology.
When we first started working on Nextt, we focused our energy exclusively on the people/projects we wanted to help accelerate and how we could most effectively do so. Application fees were not part of the equation. We iterated into the $100 fee because we realized it would help us achieve those goals. For three basic reasons:

  • Money = commitment.

    Compared to a signal like leaving your job, a $100 fee is obviously quite small. But, along with the questions we ask in our application form, we’ve seen it help filter out people & projects that lack the conviction to make sh*t happen. This helps us manage our time effectively and ensures that less serious applicants don’t take spots from folks who are more serious/deserving.

  • Nextt is a community, not a high-priced bootcamp.

    Even though the $100 application fee is the only cash cost associated with Nextt, the implicit value of our program is objectively (& exponentially) more. For example, our advisor community does way more than just mentor (check out the Bleuberry story), our agency-in-residence won’t normally touch projects for less than $25,000, and in addition to shipping multiple experiments and a true MVP, every person that finishes our accelerator receives a sleek highlight reel of their project, learnings & decision day presentation.

  • Put otherwise, it’s all about the ROI.

    Similar to applying to a top university, we think the $100 application fee is ultimately justified by the return on investment if you get into Nextt. And, unlike a university, there’s no tuition to pay when you do. $100 for the chance to find out if your idea is worth pursuing - plus learning experimental methodologies, working with industry leaders to apply them & walking away with testimonials, highlight reels and a great experience along the way. Seems well worth the price of admission :)

We don’t refund application fees for many of the reasons listed above. But our entire program & model is designed to help people turn ideas into early/experimental products that generate useful feedback & actionable data on whether that idea is worth pursuing. That’s true of projects we accept as well as those we don’t.

Each applicant we don’t accept receives thorough feedback on what we saw as strengths and weaknesses in their application, suggestions for first/next steps and (in many cases) introductions to people in our network who could be helpful. We’ve also started offering idea pages (here's an example) that help you share your idea with others, recruit collaborators and centralize/stimulate feedback and discussion. Of course, it’s entirely up to you if you want such a page and who you’d like to share it with if so.
Like basically all VCs and other accelerators, we'd be cannibalizing our business by signing NDAs - so we can't. That said, we're in the business of helping to bring other people's ideas to life. We have no interest in building them out on our own. Our respect for entrepreneurs/founders runs deep, and we've spent years building a reputation around it. It means the world to us & we maintain/defend it with passion.
We are looking for 4 primary things in an application.

  • Does your idea solve a problem?

    We want to focus on solutions to problems - even small ones. And if you can't identify a problem that your idea solves, we think it's a sign you're less likely to be willing to simplify your big vision into a six week experiment.

  • Why do you care about that solving the problem?

    A clear/unique relationship to the problem signals likelihood to follow thru/persevere even while keeping a job or other projects on your plate.

  • Who else does this problem affect & how?

    We want to work on ideas that at least some other people besides you have, and we like to see that you have some hypothesis on who those folks may be.

  • If you had one day of just your time to test whether your idea will work, what would you do to test it?

    This is of course part of the program's value, so we're not looking for a perfect answer...just a willingness to think about lean experimentation.

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