The New Way To Design Your Goals and Life. Watch a video from the maker

The Experiment

"Can an interactive mobile vision board help people achieve their goals and change habits in life?"

What is Vizbo? Pinterest? No, not even. It's an app that's your personal assistant, smart friend that profoundly helps you change your behaviors and life.

Users use Vizbo to make their dreams come to life. In fact, we compare Vizbo to Houzz and say it's "The New Way To Design Your Life."

Vizbos are images of goals or inspirations. They include a deadline, name and story. They'll also be tagged and if want shared to many social networks to social support. Users can make ONE to FIVE Vizbos because we are wired to deal with five conscious thoughts at a time. The best- Vizbo reminds users to keep away from distractions and stay on track using notifications or reminders, and rewards them with moment based rewards.

We have many goals but we fall short to reach them. With mobile phone and smart technology we can solve that problem. Ultimately, users will feel and see Vizbo adds real value to their goals and lives.

Expected Duration: 12 Weeks

made by:

Jeffrey Kazmucha

About Jeffrey

  • - MS from Indiana University
  • - Corporate personal trainer & health consultant
  • - Advisor to IoT & health startups





Backers can expect
Qualitative feedbackQuantitative DataBiweekly UpdatesLab ReportsPhotographs & screenshots

My Needs

Graphic designer to help design mvp of the app (10 hours)

Jan Schwarzenberger is doing this.

Social media expert to help branding and growth (10 hours)

Darcy Miller is doing this.

iOS Developer to help build a simple mvp of the app (30 hours)

Mervyn Sharaf is doing this.

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