The Cape Town Lift Club

A peer to peer group transport solution that connects drivers with empty seats to passengers looking for a ride.

The Experiment

Can a peer to peer group transport solution outcompete public transport/Uber on safety & reliability while increasing human interaction?

I believe that South African citizens want to make their own decisions about who they travel with and they are ready for a peer to peer group transport solution that they have more control over.

To start I would like to validate my assumption that commuters are willing to join a lift club and that vehicle owners are willing to drive them.

1. Build a landing page with sign up form for commuters who are looking for a lift club
2. Advertise for drivers who are looking to make use of their empty seats and for passengers travelling the same way.
3. Match the drivers with people travelling the same route and time and then create the lift club.
4. We collect the payment and disburse to the driver (less our handling fee/commission)

We'd consider the experiment a success if we can get 20 lift clubs up and running. To date, we've seen >2000 rider signups and >20 driver signups without any paid advertising.

Expected Duration: 4 Weeks

Backers can expect
Quantitative DataWeekly UpdatesLab Reports

My Needs

Back end developer to build database to sort and match drivers and passengers Manage customers, drivers and routes

Currently open.

Front end dev to design customer facing software landing page to capture potential membership leads, view available routes,reserve seats,pay

Currently open.


Currently open.

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