A new age coffeeshop that uses machine baristas and offers creative services like design and copywriting on site

The Experiment

Can we use automation to offer delicious coffee for cheap and unlock human creativity + connection in the process?

Since machines can now create delicious coffee for cheap, I want to launch a coffee shop without baristas and reinvest savings from machine-made coffee into artists/designers and copywriters in residence. These creatives will help all the (similarly independent) people that work from coffeeshops on stuff like deck designs and email copy/blog posts.

If it works, we'll create a defensible business that takes advantage of automation, unlocks economic opportunity for creatives and enhances human experiences in the process.

To test it, I plan to run a 'pop-up' at an existing retail space (Irving Place WeWork is our partner) with the following mechanics:

- 4 to 6 hour event that makes use of the delicious coffee machines on premise
- Offer lattes, cappuccinos, etc. for ~ $2 per cup
- 8 to 10 graphic designers and copywriters on site to help folks with their projects

I've put together a group of restaurateurs to help me measure and gauge success as well.

Expected Duration: 4 Weeks

made by:

Ajay Rajani

About Ajay

  • - Serial entrepreneur & investor
  • - Led product/growth at Grovo & Inventure
  • - Mentor, Techstars & United Nations








Backers can expect
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My Needs

A space to host the pop up

Irving Place We Work is doing this.

Restaurateurs to help measure success and determine next steps

Will Horowitz is doing this.

3 graphic designers and 3 copywriters to be on call

Currently open.

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GULI RAJANI Jan, 12 2017 - 06:35 AM

Try a pop up at retail space near Parsons or Fashion Institute ( 27 and 7 Ave), or School of Fine Arts (23 St).