Helping consumers in emerging markets compare & choose mobile financial services.

The Experiment

Will better price comparison help consumers in emerging markets save money on financial services?

Services like M-Pesa have allowed millions of people in developing markets to access financial services for the first time. Although widely used, research shows that consumers are generally unaware of the various costs associated with it. This is most apparent when identifying costs of sending money from one person to another and which provider is cheapest.

To start, we want to help consumers understand how much they’re paying for their mobile money transfers and how different providers compare. For our experiment, we will develop a web-based landing page for Kusha, which will survey mobile money users in Tanzania to understand their usage and behavior around mobile money. Users will be directed towards this using Facebook ads. Specifically we want to learn:

1) the most popular & cheapest providers
2) how much consumers could save using Kusha
3) what stops users from choosing the cheapest option.

The survey would also help us decide how to develop the initial version of Kusha.

Expected Duration: 14 Weeks

made by:

Philip Rowan

About Philip

  • - Oxford MSc (Economics)
  • - Development Analyst for CGAP & World Bank Group
  • - Published author on mobile money & emerging markets



Backers can expect
Qualitative feedbackQuantitative DataBiweekly UpdatesLab ReportsPhotographs & screenshots

My Needs

An engineer to help us develop a solid MVP

Nithish Manoharan is doing this.

Connections to people who have run experiments and ventures in developing countries

Ami Gosalia is doing this.

Connections to companies and potential partners operating in the mobile money landscape, ideally in Tanzania

Currently open.

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