Hystartup is a new type of accelerator, providing access to investor networks, educational materials, and founder tools to minority founders

The Experiment

Is there a market for an online accelerator and can we reinvent startups?

In our experiment, we will focus on two key factors: resources and; the program.

In our first 10 weeks, we will craft a sample curriculum based on the previous experience of our founders, and also develop educational materials to integrate with our curriculum. The next phase of the experiment will be developing tools for the program itself to be administered with, from a mentorship dashboard, all the way to a learning interface for companies. This phase will culminate in a final dashboard which portfolio companies can use to interact with mentors, learn about how to startup, get advice, and more.

Next, we will start to develop new resources for founders such as templates for tools like Slack Bots, all the way to developing products to help startups issue stock, incorporate and more. These resources will be made available for portfolio companies, and the public to test the viability of the tools. Our final 6 weeks will be administration of the program itself, culminating in Demo Day.

Expected Duration: 16 Weeks

made by:

James Stewart
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My Needs

A second content developer to help create initial content for the program.

Currently open.

Introductions to more potential mentors.

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