Augmented reality that empowers you to achieve any of your DIY goals from a likeminded community of makers. Our first target is makeup. Watch a video from the maker

The Experiment

Can personalized 'how-to' videos improve makeup purchase decisions?

I believe makeup is unnecessarily difficult for too many women and am interested in how we can use augmented reality tech to simplify it.

To start, I want to validate my assumption of demand for something like this with a manual experiment.

1. Ask women to submit before makeup shots of themselves + look they want to test on their face

2. We select 1 submission per week.

3. We find a friend/amateur model with a similar skin type to the submitted women's and have her get a make over with that look type from a makeup artist. We record this as a How To video

4. We send the BEFORE shot of submitted women + AFTER shot of model to graphic artist to digitally create the look on the before photograph.

5. We email out / facebook group page post a before shot + after shot of the SAME women + link to How To video of the model getting that look + list of make up that was used

6. Create a link in each email with "Click here to request the same look by other make up artists" and "Click here to be able to edit this look".

Expected Duration: 4 Weeks

made by:

Divya Dhar

About Divya

  • - Director of Business Development @ Cardiogram
  • - MBA @ Wharton Business School
  • - MPA @ Harvard University School of Government






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My Needs

Graphic designer to help with 'before/after' makeup designs

Currently open.

Makeup artist to provide graphic designer inspiration for the 'after'

Currently open.

Videographer to document the process and create content marketing

Currently open.

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