Affordable Entertainment

Unlimited entertainment at an affordable monthly cost.

The Experiment

Will a cheap subscription to unlimited entertainment stop bootlegging and pirating?

I would like to get a gauge of how many people out there would be willing to spend $50 a month on unlimited entertainment. So I reckon a good place to start, is to ask the general public, if they would be happy spending $50 a month on unlimited entertainment.

I plan to keep my experiment simple:

- I’ll build a simple landing page with a poll on the page
- I’ll run advertisements on various pirate-related sites to my page
- People can answer anonymously and honestly
- I’ll share what I learn with my backers and supporters, including what’s next after I run my first experiment

Expected Duration: 12 Weeks

made by:

Dyllan Daker

About Dyllan

  • - Digital Designer
  • - Creative Director @ Screensize
  • - Clients include SuperSport, DStv and SABC
Backers can expect
Quantitative DataMonthly UpdatesLab Reports

My Needs

Copywriter for ad creation.

Dyllan Daker is doing this.

Designer for a landing page.

Dyllan Daker is doing this.

A Poll-advert that is linked to a single database. (A fairly easy thing to accomplish in 5 minutes for the experienced developer).

Currently open.

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