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The Experiment

Will a tutoring marketplace that's limited to professionally trained, experienced, and networked teachers outperform existing solutions?

Our local teachers work hard and devote their lives to be content specialists who earn the trust of their community and can often be the most crucial source of inspiration for a student’s future success.

I am interested in creating a platform which allows professionally trained and experienced educators to market their expertise in the after-school tutoring market, away from the clutter and noise of the current heterogeneous marketplaces.

Provider participation is strictly limited to experienced, trained and vetted teachers and their professional contacts. Students are assured that not only are providers experts in the subject area, but that they are, by trade, educators with well-developed pedagogical content knowledge with a long term investment in improving their craft.

To test this experiment, I need
- minimum of 25 vetted and connected teachers with tutoring experience
- a desktop and mobile landing page for teacher profile creation with a built-in feedback

Expected Duration: 23 Weeks

made by:

Christopher Chow

About Christopher

  • - Cal Berkeley B.A. & Stanford M.A.
  • - Former high school biology teacher
  • - Currently runs private tutoring practice




Backers can expect
Qualitative feedbackQuantitative DataBiweekly UpdatesLab ReportsPhotographs & screenshots

My Needs

Marketer/copywriter to help with conversion & email engagement. (Parents and students need to know of our existence!)

Currently open.

Subscription to a chat & messaging plugin (e.g. Olark). (All technical, UX and feature feedback need to be received and reviewed easily)

Currently open.

Web developer to create an interface for capturing and displaying teacher profiles. (Teachers need to be able to send referral invitations)

Currently open.

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