You've got good timing. Next is open for applications.

We’re currently accepting applications for our cohort starting September 12th. Applications are due by August 31st - get yours in today!

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Submitting an idea to Nextt is easy. And anyone can do it.

From all over
the world

Our advisors are located across continents & our entire program can be administered digitally, so we’re not restricted by geography.

With any

We’ve got basically every skillset represented in our advisor community, so we’re not overly concerned with yours.

For all kinds
of ideas

Unlike other accelerators, we’re not just looking for future unicorns. Passion projects & side businesses are up our alley as well.

At the earliest
of stages

We don’t care what you’ve already done with your idea (e.g. gone full-time or built a product). Unlike other accelerators, we’d rather work with you before you do any of the above!

What are we looking for?

  • You can identify some problem your idea helps solve.
  • You sincerely care about that problem. Ideally, for some unique reason.
  • A bunch of other people care about it too. And you have a thesis on who they are.
  • You’re down to test and experiment with potential solutions.