Here are some projects we are particularly proud of.

Nextt is still young. We've graduated just two cohorts to date but are already seeing promising results.

A fintech enthusiast’s plan to help the underbanked

Matt Harris loves fintech because he believes in the power of better financial services to improve lives. In fact, he came up with the idea for Bloom Credit while working at an online financial lender. There, Matt found himself consistently frustrated with the degree to which the company would decline hundreds of borrowers due to low credit scores each month and offer them no recourse. And thus was born Bloom -- a software that uses big data and machine learning to help declined loan applicants improve their scores and eligibility on behalf of the lenders who rejected them.

During his time in Nextt, Matt ran a rapid series of experiments to validate demand & viability of his concept, and collaborated with Nextt attorney advisor, Mark Molle, to navigate the regulatory implications of his ambitious idea. Fast-forward a few months later, and Matt’s raised $500+k in venture funding, recruited co-founders from Microsoft and JP Morgan and closed flagship partnerships with leading financial institutions.

A serial entrepreneur’s quest to solve youth unemployment in Africa

Marlon Parker is a unique entrepreneur. Born and raised around the townships of CapeTown, South Africa, he has a personal connection to the country’s youth unemployment crisis. But he also has a solution: a marketplace for small business labor that keeps young people in jobs.

In less than ten weeks, Marlon (in Capetown) collaborated with Nextt engineers and designers (from New York to Hungary) to launch an MVP -- that acquired 100 customers, processed $25,000 in transactions and could save hundreds of jobs in his hometown as a result. And that’s just the start.

Within a few weeks of graduating, Marlon’s already recruited a CTO, signed up a 48 store franchise and is receiving interest from investors about leading a seed round for Okazi.

Two startup vets index the on-demand economy

Adam Michalski, a serial startup employee & operator, came up with the idea for Bleuberry - a yellow pages for the on-demand economy - while working in business development at GoButler, one of the first virtual concierges. To bring his vision to life, Adam collaborated with Nextt Engineering advisor Moshiur Tarafdar to test, design, build & launch Bleuberry on ProductHunt in under six weeks. On there, it received over 250 upvotes and is seeing a loyal base of returning users & submissions from the community. Adam & Moshiur are currently doing user interviewing to figure out what features they should build next.

A mompreneur with an idea for her son

When Nina Sodhi first started with Nextt, Red Antler Books - a reverse registry for children’s books - was just an idea on a napkin. Within two weeks of graduating from Nextt, Red Antler already had its first ten customers & started receiving interest from upstream accelerators that invest up to $170,000. Nina will be continuing with Nextt in our September cohort, where we'll work to simplify/automate her customer onboarding process & test early marketing channels.

More Coming Soon...

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